London Local Group

What is a Local Group?

There are over 260 local network groups across the UK, Hong Kong and Cyprus connecting over 2000 teachers and RE professionals. These groups are coordinated by the NATRE Local Groups officer, Juliet Lyal, a member of the NATRE Executive.

The NATRE affiliated groups all come in different forms providing networking opportunities and engagement that can be invaluable to teachers, lesson ideas and solutions; helping the RE network grow with familiarity of the local areas and opportunities to understand what is happening in the region and across the country.

Each local group is affiliated with NATRE which enables it to benefit from the support we can offer. Our aim is that every teacher of RE should have a NATRE- affiliated local group within 10 miles (or 30 minutes) of where they live or teach!

If we don't have a Regional Ambassador in your area, you can contact our NATRE Local Groups officer Juliet Lyal for support.


Greater London

Group name Location Group type Connect to your local group
Barking & Dagenham RE Network Barking & Dagenham Primary Connect
Barking & Dagenham RE Network (secondary) Barking & Dagenham Secondary Connect
Camden/Islington NATRE Group Camden Secondary Connect
Croydon Primary RE Forum Croydon Primary Connect
Croydon Secondary RE Forum Croydon Secondary Connect
Enfield Primary RE Teachmeet Enfield Primary Connect
Enfield RE Teachmeet Enfield Cross Phase Connect
Havering Primary RE Group Havering Secondary Connect
Lewisham Primary RE Teachers Group Lewisham Primary Connect
Merton Primary RE Network Merton Primary Connect
Newham Primary Network Newham Primary Connect
Newham Secondary Network Newham Secondary Connect
Redbridge (Secondary) RE Network Redbridge Secondary Connect
Redbridge Primary RE Network Redbridge Primary Connect
Southwark Primary RE Network Southwark Primary Connect
Sutton Primary RE network Sutton Primary Connect
Tower Hamlets Primary Network Group Tower Hamlets Primary Connect
Tower Hamlets Secondary Network Group Tower Hamlets Secondary Connect


Group name Location Group type Connect to your local group
Barnet Borough RE Network sessions Barnet Cross Phase Connect
Diocese of Westminster, Primary RE Group Catholic Diocese of Westminster Primary Connect
Diocese of Westminster, Secondary RE Group Catholic Diocese of Westminster Secondary Connect
Enfield Secondary RE Teachmmet Enfield Secondary Connect