#REchatUK takes place on the first Monday of each month from 8pm until 9pm on Twitter*. All you need to join in is a Twitter account!

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#REchatUK 2020 timetable:

3rd Feb 2020

Pedagogy in the RE classroom

2nd March 2020 How do we teach about ‘being good’ in RE?
6th April 2020 How does RE contribute to increasing cultural capital?
4th May 2020

Asking big philosophical questions in RE –
What do we talk about and how?

1st June 2020 How do you choose what to include and what to leave out of RE?
6th July 2020 What can RE learn from cognitive science?

RE chat takes place on the first Monday of each month and aims to build an online RE community within which teachers can support each other, share ideas and resources. For each REchat there will be a primary and a secondary host.

These hosts will be members of the executive who may also choose to ask other RE professionals to support them. For example, if the theme of the RE chat was ‘research in RE’ then executive members may ask a university professor, or someone involved in research to support the discussions.

*Dates may be changed due to school holidays.

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