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Date: 25 January 2020

Location: Park Inn, London Heathrow (click here for travel information) .

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Essential RE CPD focusing on: Intent, Implementation, Impact

20 seminars to choose from | Thought-provoking keynotes | Exciting and relevant exhibitors | Networking and connections

Choose from 20 seminars on a wide variety of topics and across all key stages including:

  • Six fresh ideas for RE that fire young imaginations (primary)
  • Implementing effective RE for 5-7s: Sticky RE (primary)
  • Worldviews: practical ways of teaching about diversity and changing communities (cross phase)
  • The breadth of pilgrimage in Islam: Ziyarah and Hajj (Secondary)
  • Implementing effective RE for 14-16s: GCSE and Core RE (secondary)

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Strictly RE 2020 RE teacher conference

Seminar timetables & speaker profiles

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Seminar A

Seminar A: 11:30-12:30
Age range Level Speaker Seminar details
5-11 Primary

Julia Diamond Conway

Big world big ideas: religion and science

Give pupils plenty of opportunities to think deeply, in brand new ways, about the connection between science and religion. What do religion and science have to say on topics from the environment to evolution? This session will offer ideas for pupils of all primary ages and links to both RE and science curriculums.

5-11 Primary


Handling artefacts and using them in the classroom: Hindu and Jewish focuses

In this session faith practitioners will show you a series of artefacts, share their history and explain how they are used within these two faiths. They will also support you to consider how these can be used in the classroom.

7–11 Primary

Naomi Anstice

Enquiry-based strategies for teaching Sikhism

Come and try out some different activities to use with your classes to develop pupil knowledge and understanding of an introduction to Sikhism. Consider strategies to develop critical thinking and teamwork skills. The session provides activities suitable for years 4-6 with an accompanying scheme of work and access to PowerPoint presentations for you to try out in the classroom.


Cross Phase

Lat Blaylock

Picturing Islam, picturing Muslims

This seminar will explore Islamic life and faith in the UK and beyond through visual culture, providing teachers with numerous ready to use creative ideas for primary and secondary pupils.

11-14 Secondary

Stephen Pett

Examining non-religious worldviews: diversity, myth and meaning

University of Kent’s large-scale research programme, Understanding Unbelief, has produced some fascinating findings. This session will present practical ways to explore th research into the lives and thinking of people with non-religious worldviews, and offer ideas for handling pupils’ worldviews too.

11–16 Secondary

Joanne Harris

Writing floats on a sea of talk’ – talking strategies to support writing

Good RE should enable pupils to participate in respectful and informed dialogue about religion and worldviews. This session will explore practical strategies to develop speaking and listening skills in RE, and the impact this has on the development of literacy and written work.

11–16 Secondary

Angela Hill

Creativity and critique: exploring ways to engage with sources of wisdom and authority

This session will enable participants to explore practical strategies for engaging secondary students with key sources of wisdom and authority. It will focus on tapping into the natural curiosity and creativity of teenage minds to make sources of wisdom not only accessible, but also compelling and memorable.

14–18 Secondary

Dr Greg Barker

Top 10 media to connect students to theory at GCSE and A Level

This session presents specific media (news, social media events, films and television) that can quickly connect students to theory and specialist language relevant to key aspects of philosophy and ethics likely to appear across all boards both at GCSE and A Level.

N/A Cross Phase


Research in RE by teachers for teachers

An opportunity to hear from four different teachers who have researched four different areas; dialoguing across difference using sacred text in the primary school, work on theologies of reading and two other research projects. Come along to find how you can use the results of their research in your classroom and perhaps get inspired to engage in research yourself.

Seminar B

Seminar B: 12:40-13:40
Age range Level Speaker(s) Seminar details
4-7 Primary Lat Blaylock

Six fresh ideas for RE that fires young imaginations

This seminar will provide examples and learning activities for children in Reception and Years 1-2 which draw upon the treasures of Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish communities.

5-11 Primary Stephen Pett

Helping pupils to remember what they have learnt in RE

Engaging ways to help pupils to make sense of what they learn in RE, so that they can recall it later. Practical strategies to engage pupils in their learning, deepening and connecting their understanding of big concepts about religious and non-religious worldviews.

7-11 Primary Adam Robertson

Text, art, ritual and belief

Texts and rituals are key to unlocking religious concepts. Yet often teachers can shy away from them because they seem complex and unwieldy. This session uses listening, artistic and analytical tools to allow children to reflect on their inner meaning across a range of faiths. Take away some spiritual and inspiring strategies to use in your classroom!

7-16 Cross Phase Ruth Flanagan

Worldviews: practical ways of teaching about diversity and changing communities

This session offers practical tools to examine individual worldviews to provide an opportunity to challenge the myth of neutrality. Identifying the evolution of those worldviews, through life experiences, may enable pupils to have greater understanding of ‘self’ and ‘other’. RE provides the opportunity to examine differing responses to life experience.

11-14 Secondary Sarah

Smells like teen spirit! Creating spiritual moments in lessons

The session provides practical tips to create spiritual moments in your lessons. We will look at ways to enable students to become more aware of the world around them, to reflect on their experiences and to meditate on life's biggest questions.

11-16 Secondary Chris

Using stories to help weaker students in a knowledge-rich curriculum

A workshop which will explore how students can engage and embed stories into learning at KS3 and KS4, particularly in Islam and Christianity.

11–16 Secondary

Zameer Hussain

The breadth of pilgrimage in Islam: Ziyarah and Hajj

Gain subject knowledge and teaching ideas on the concept of pilgrimage in Islam. Delegates will be introduced to the lesser-known Ziyarah pilgrimage performed by Shi'a Muslims and further their understanding of Hajj by considering its mystical, symbolic nature.

14–16 Secondary

Prof Bob Bowie

Hermeneutical RE: good readers, scholarly learning and the benefits for GCSE

‘Teachers and Texts’ is a study within seven secondary schools workingto teach RE more hermeneutically, developing a more scholarly and disciplinary approach to sacred texts. Teachers found ways of engaging with multiple layers of meaning in encounters with texts in the classroom. Find out about the report and what the teachers did.



Rachael Jackson-Royal

Using ethical language at A level

Explore the challenge to ideas of goodness posed by experts in the field of meta-ethics. In particular, the session will focus on naturalism, Hume, Ayer and Moore. It is specifically designed to help teachers present this challenging part of the specification with greater confidence.

Seminar C

Seminar C: 14:40-15:40
Age range Level Speaker(s) Seminar details
3-5 Primary

Katie Freeman

Implementing effective RE for EYFS: understanding, depth and creativity

In this session we will look at a range of practical and creative ideas for use in the foundation stage classroom. It will consider how to support children in foundation stage to achieve deep knowledge while approaching RE in an exciting and engaging way.

5-7 Primary Julia Diamond Conway

Implementing effective RE for 5-7s: ‘Sticky RE’

How can we ensure that pupils’ learning in RE is memorable and likely to stick? Explore and discover practical, creative ideas to engage 5-7s. Consider how to ensure that pupils develop knowledge, increase understanding and make good progress with a rich and inspiring RE curriculum.

7-11 Primary

Fiona Moss

Implementing effective RE for 7-11s: knowledge, encounter and creativity

Building a coherent curriculum for 7-11s: how will this be delivered? Discover strategies to build knowledge, encourage encounter and be inspired by the creativity of religions and worldviews.

11-14 Secondary

Dawn Cox

Implementing effective RE for 11-14s: designing a KS3 curriculum – concept development and balance

A look at the importance of the planning, design and implementation of KS3 RE. It will look at the key questions we need to ask to ensure that we are teaching a balanced curriculum, including the importance of key concepts. It will also support colleagues thinking about Ofsted's focus on the 'Intent' of RE.

14-16 Secondary

Angela Hill

Implementing effective RE for 14-16s: GCSE and Core RE

Excellent RE is essential at KS4, but it can be a real challenge to implement a programme that engages learners and meets their needs. In this session, we will explore practical ways to implement excellent RE programmes of study for RE, whether or not this includes an external qualification.

16-18 Secondary

Lisa O’Connor

Implementing RS at KS5: what makes an outstanding student at KS5

A practical session which will reflect the demands of the new A Level and address the question of what makes an outstanding student at KS5. How do we address the expectations of the new A level and how do we best prepare our students to flourish under changing demands?

Strictly RE 2020 RE teacher conference

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