A level / GCSE student voices

NATRE (National Association of Teachers of RE) and the REC (Religious Education Council) would like to collect short statements from GCSE and A level students to use in a press release around the time of exam results in August.

Any personal contact details or photo submitted via this form will not be shared with anyone outside NATRE, RE Today and the REC without permission from you and your parent/carer.

By submitting the online form you are giving us permission to use your information as outlined in the following word document, please click, read & sign the the RE Today NATRE REC Photo Permission form and email this back to mubina@natre.org.uk along with a photograph of yourself.

Please submit the online form, permission document and photograph by Wednesday 06 August 2020.

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The next section concerns what might happen if and when your experience of studying RS is published. We would like a photo, along with permission to use that photo ourselves, and permission to offer that photo to any media outlets wanting to report your story
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