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RE Today is supporting NATRE by providing ALL teachers with resources which they can use and share with parents to support with home learning, as well as resources to support socially distanced learning.

We will be adding FREE resources to this page on an ongoing basis so please keep checking the site. If you wish to sign up for our updates to inform you of new resources then please sign up to our mailing list in the pod below.

RE Today's resources catalogue has gone digital! Click the link below for more information;

Primary catalogue

Also available are lists of useful links for teachers, parents, carers and pupils:

  • RE home learning from a variety of providers. Click here.
  • List of video clip resources to aid independent learning. Click here.

We know that some parents and carers might want to know more about why we teach RE, so we have produced a short information leaflet that we hope will be of use. Click here.

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