Socially distanced learning

These flexible suggestions for teachers provide outdoor or socially distanced learning ideas for groups of pupils in the 5-14 age range. As schools follow demanding guidance about distancing, these ideas can be used creatively with your pupils to provide good RE out of doors or in larger indoor spaces, making a varied learning diet possible. The activities can lead on to individual work at desks, but bring some energy, movement and interaction from RE to the class. Flexible ideas - you can tailor these easily to your needs.


Resource A
The Chalk Circle of Enquiry: a dynamic ‘big voice’ discussion strategy for socially distant learners. Download

Resource B
101 words, 30 leaves, 30 pieces of RE knowledge – a religious knowledge memory test. In which a 20 or 30 piece factual account of three religions is tested and pupils count their scores with leaves or stones, then retest to improve. Download

Resource C
The walk of faith-exploration. In which a faith community’s practice is understood at increasing depth, example from Islam. Download

Resource D
The shouted story. In which a faith story in 30 pieces is related by pupils in groups of 8-20 in size. Download

Resource E
The Golden rule explored through standing up, art and decision making. Download