Culham St Gabriel’s Trust

Over the years a number of local groups have benefitted from the generous funding of the Culham St Gabriel’s Trust either directly or indirectly. The group I run in St Albans received such funding back in 2004 for a local group project which turned out to be the ‘cementing’ of our group and led us in many directions. There are opportunities throughout the year to apply for grants for work to promote excellence in RE and I’d strongly recommend you and your group to consider this. Full details and dates for application deadlines can be found via Culham St Gabriel's wesbite.

Mark Chater has been the CEO of Culham for the last 7 years and will be retiring during April 2019. We owe much to Mark for his inspiration, tenacity and support for local networking and thank him for his support. I have invited him to write us a ‘reflection and last message’ for Spring Term.