The Cheltenham NATRE Group (primary)

Led by Caryn Smith who sent me the full minutes of their meeting in October.

To summarise before the report : The group began with a short time of reflection – listening to some music – just to ‘take a moment’ after what will have been a busy day for all. Time was then given for introductions and welcoming each other. The impact of teaching from the new Gloucester Agreed Syllabus, 2017, was discussed, teachers shared example units of work and how the Understanding Christianity units might fit in; how RE coordinators can support the staff in their school by exploring the question ‘Why RE?’

There was also a discussion about having RE books and how to incorporate a reflection time at the end of an RE lesson. Light touch assessment was explored and teachers were encouraged to look at the Diocesan website.

The group discussed the CoRE Report (published in September) and its potential impact on the teaching of RE.

Teachers shared work that they had brought from school.

Next meetings: Monday March 4th and June 10th both in Cheltenham.