The CoRE Report and more

The Commission on RE Report has now been read, discussed, agreed and disagreed, debated, loved or not loved by teachers, parents, pupils, governors, SACRE members, head teachers, those who practice a religion and those who do not, bigwigs and littlies, councillors and politicians across the country.

If you haven’t yet read the Report, then please do and DESPITE the recent response in December from Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education, it is still absolutely vital that we continue to campaign about it. Raise the profile of the CoRE report!

I am delighted though to share the reply to Damian Hinds from the CoRE Chair, Revd Dr John Hall, Dean of Westminster which can be found here. It is a brilliant response! Commission Chair responds to Secretary of State

People have described it as a ‘game changer’ realising that unless something is done about the provision and quality of RE then it will disappear off our curriculum forever.

Please click here for a link to John Hall’s article in Governing Matters, the magazine for school governors. We ALL have school governors. Have your governors seen and read this article? Could you encourage your governors to discuss this in their next meeting? How much do we as RE teachers meet with our governors to discuss the value and importance of RE? Do you invite school governors to your NATRE affiliated local group meeting?

NATRE, the REC and Humanists UK are just three organisations that have reacted and responded to Damian Hinds’ letter about the CoRE report. Please do read these and take them to your group for further discussion

DfE response to Commission on RE report – NATRE’s view

Peers call for equal inclusion of humanism in RE curriculum