Charlotte Newman

Head of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics & Diversity Champion

Hinchingbrooke School

Charlotte Newman is a Head of Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics and Diversity Champion at a secondary school in Cambridgeshire. I am lucky enough to have led a large team of specialist teachers here for 7 years now. I am passionate about raising the profile of our subject to ensure it is recognised as academic, rigorous, and valuable by all stakeholders. I have been a member of the Exec for the last term and have thoroughly enjoyed speaking at Strictly, writing for RE Today, attending the Labour Party Conference to lobby MPs, and supporting others in providing great quality teaching. I have delivered much CPD on RE TMRSIcons, at my Local Agreed Syllabus launch, at my local group, and for Eduqas.

You can follow her on Twitter: @CNewmanTeach

Why is RE important to you?

‘It is important to me to teach students about the worldviews of others so that they can begin to recognise and challenge their own as well as contribute to and embrace our diverse, multicultural society.’

What do you love about NATRE?

'The fact that we are an Association of Teachers for Teachers is so important as it means we truly understand and respond to the needs of those on the ground. There is a wealth of experience on this team and nothing is too much trouble for anyone as everyone is wholeheartedly committed to flying the flag for RE teachers.'

Charlotte Newman

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