Gill Tewksbury

Pilton Bluecoat Academy

Gill is RE Coordinator and Ethos lead at a Junior school in North Devon. She is enthusiastic about supporting colleagues and raising standards in the teaching of RE. She is currently a PLRE with the Learn Teach Lead RE (LTLRE) project and co- leads the newly formed Mid Devon hub with a secondary colleague.

In 2015, she completed a Farmington Fellowship (now Scholarship) looking at differentiation in RE and how to meet the needs of all learners, particularly when there is no extra adult support available. It was very enriching professionally and she highly recommends the experience!

Her passion is getting the children to think deeply about their own values, and looking at how they connect to others and the world around them. She loves to explore different ways to bring RE to life in the classroom such as through drama, art, encounter, visits, thinking skills, artefacts, text...and of course using the fabulous resources provided by RE Today!

Gill has led seminars at training events regionally and nationally, written articles for RE Today and created resources that have appeared in schemes of work.

You can follow her on Twitter on @GillTewkesbury

'I love how RE can open children's eyes to the diversity that exists in the UK and for the opportunities it gives for discussion, thinking and empathy for others. It is also exciting to think that children and young people can start to explore and question their own opinions and (in some cases) prejudices.'

Gill Tewksbury