Anti-racist RE

These project materials are designed to help teachers of Religious Education plan and provide excellent learning in the classroom that encourages pupils to learn about religion and beliefs, racism and prejudice in challenging ways that promote the well-being of all in our richly plural communities.

Project partners whom this work would not be possible without include black, asian and minority ethnic teachers, academics, religious and non-religious voices from many communities, other subject associations and educational partners and many pupils.

The project is generously supported initially by the Free Churches Group and Methodist Schools, and managed, written and edited by Lat Blaylock, RE Adviser and editor of REtoday magazine.

This project has launched in Autumn 2020, and will be added to, revised and updated as necessary over the coming months. This can be a sensitive topic, and this is just a starting point. Certainly there is more to do, and more to get right. Schools have a statutory duty to remain politically impartial and not to teach contested theory or opinions as fact, for example a few of the terms we use in the glossary for teachers, such as white privilege, are contested. We are pleased that these resources promote balanced discussions around these concepts and do not introduce them in an age inappropriate way.

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