Book Reviews

Books can have a lasting impact that stays with you throughout your life. Everyone has their favourite titles and genres. Summer 2020 saw, for the first time, book charts around the world dominated by anti-racist titles and other works of fiction and non-fiction by Black authors. Perhaps you purchased some yourself.

This project asks: What book has made a difference to you as an anti-racist teacher of RE? How could this book be used by teachers for their own development? Could pupils use it in the classroom or independently?

These reviews vary in length, and we are very grateful to our project team who managed to find time to write these during the extra demands of their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Want to contribute? We'll be adding a link here soon for you to send us your own reviews!


Book review - Girl Woman Other

Book review - Hats of Faith

Book review - Little Leaders Bold Women in Black History

Book review - Natives

Book review - Natives

Book review - The Colour Blind Boy

Book review - The Life of Pi

Book review - Why Im no longer talking to white people about race

SHORT Book review - I know why the caged bird sings

SHORT Book review - The Windrush Betrayal

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