Primary Classroom Resources

The project provides a unit of work for the 8-11s in Primary schools; What can be done to reduce racism? Can religion help?

This unit of work for primary Religious Education provides non-statutory exemplification of some good teaching and learning for any school to use. The work is presented as a single unit of work taking about 8-10 lessons, but many users may wish to use these anti-racist RE lessons throughout their schemes of work. There are supportive further resources for teachers here as well, designed to build teacher confidence.

Unit of work

Unit of Work - KS2 8-11s Anti-Racist Primary RE

Unit Resources

Pri 1 Racism topic intro and what can we learn from 6 examples

Pri 2 What can we learn from the stories of two statues in Bristol - Colston and Wesley

Pri 3 How did Saint Peter learn that God has no favourites

Pri 3 The story of Peter at Joppa - resource

Pri 4 The Golden Rule and Silver Rule

Pri 5 Anti-racist people from different religions

Pri 6 How can I express my own vision for justice and equality

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