Project Team

We are so grateful to all the teachers and RE professionals who have made the time to be involved with supporting this project.

Project partners whom this work would not be possible without include black, asian and minority ethnic teachers, academics, religious and non-religious voices from many communities, other subject associations and educational partners and many pupils.

Thank you to other members of the project team and teachers who have not yet been able to send in their photograph for inclusion, or do not wish to appear!

Ashish Kundi, teacher of RE

Beth Thompson, teacher of RE

Caroline Featherstone, teacher of RE

Danyella Williams, teacher of RE

Dr Joel Edwards, Lecturer and Christian Leader

Dr Yonah Matemba, RE Lecturer

Ed Pawson, RE Adviser

Imran Mogra, Lecturer in Primary RE

Jennifer Ossei-Brainoo, teacher of RE

Lat Blaylock, RE Adviser & Editor

Lilian Ogunbiyi, teacher of RE

Mariane Antwi, teacher of RE

Mary Attueyi, teacher of RE

Mina Cullimore, RE lecturer

Mugeni Sumba, teacher of RE

Natasha Boyce, teacher of RE

Prof Robert Beckford, Professor of Black Theology, Queen’s Foundation

Rebecca Hughes, teacher of RE

Saima Saleh, teacher of RE

Sanum Khan, teacher of RE

Sarah Richards, teacher of RE

Steph Rhodes, teacher of RE

Victoria Bishop, teacher of RE

Zameer Hussain. teacher of RE

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