Secondary Classroom Resources

The project provides a unit of work for the 11-14s in Secondary schools; How could we and why should we reduce racism in our communities? What is the place of religions and beliefs?

This unit of work for Religious Education provides non-statutory exemplification of some good teaching and learning for any school to use. The work is presented as a single unit of work taking about 8-12 lessons, but many users may wish to use these anti-racist RE lessons throughout their schemes of work. The context of this work is often a broad one, examining human rights and social justice with reference to many examples.

Some teachers will find this useful for core RE for older students.

Unit of work

Unit of Work - KS3 11-14s Anti-Racist Secondary RE

Unit Resources

Sec 1 Racism what can be done to reduce its harmful impact

Sec 1a 12 Examples of respect - discussion and judgements

Sec 2 What can we learn from the stories of two statues in Bristol

Sec 3 Anti-racist people from Christianity two examples

Sec 3a Dr King What do we know - resource

Sec 3b Nine Dreams Dr Kings Speech - resource

Sec 3c Stormzy interview REtoday magazine - resource

Sec 4 Anti-racist people from Islam two examples

Sec 4a Dr Hany El Banna Learning ideas - resource

Sec 5 Anti-racist people from different religions

Sec 6 How bad is racism in our school and community

Sec 6a Stairs to Respect

Sec 7 How can I express my own vision for justice and equality

Sec 8 Can singing for freedom and justice help in the struggle against racism

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