We are delighted to share in full the 'Anti-Racist RE Panel' session from Strictly RE @ Home 2021.

With thanks to our panellists Anthony Reddie, Alexandra Brown, Saima Saleh & Sally Elton-Chalcraft.


Our publication REtoday Summer 2021 issue (themed 'Justice and religions') featured a number of articles relevant to this topic. See below for a selection of articles available for you to click on and download

The Plymouth Centre for Faiths and Cultural Diversity at 20: a model to reproduce?: Jonathan Marshall article

Racism is everywhere. But so is hope: Interview with Rev Joel Edwards

'The greatest skill is to listen' Interview with David Lammy MP: Interview with Labour MP David Lammy

'RE and Justice. Interview with Jonathan Gullis MP and Nkita Weldon: Interview with Conservative MP Jonathan Gullis and Nkita Weldon, a Head of RE

How talking to children can inspire teaching about justice for 7–9s in RE: Article by Kate Bruning: teaching KS2 children about justice

How should RE represent issues about caste in the classroom?: Article by Prof Eleanor Nesbitt and REtoday Editor Lat Blaylock

Writing towards an anti-racist RE curriculum: Article by Alexandra Brown, one of our Anti-racist RE panel speakers at Strictly RE @ home 2021

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