Respect for ALL day at Arsenal

We are able to run and support numerous projects and CPD opportunities through generous funding from partners. NATRE is grateful to all of its funders for their ongoing support of its work and the value they place on the importance of RE in the curriculum.

Our current and ongoing projects include:

Global Learning Programme

NATRE is pleased to be partners in the Global Learning Programme (GLP) along with several other subject associations. Schools participating in GLP will experience the exciting impact that knowledge and understanding of global education can bring to pupils’ learning across the curriculum.

Find out how your school can get involved.

New to RE? Three-Year Programme for Secondary NQTs

The programme is designed to support secondary NQTs in the first three years of their career and help to develop subject knowledge, repertoire of teaching strategies and confidence. Thanks to grant funding from the Jerusalem Trust, we are able to offer this brand-new opportunity for NQTs beginning their careers as RE specialists in September 2016.

Details on how to join this years programme coming soon!

NATRE's Annual Survey

Every year since 2011, NATRE has sent out an online survey to support its ongoing campaign to secure the place of RE in all types of school in the face of significant challenges from changes to the curriculum.

See the results of the 2015 survey here.

National Curriculum Framework for RE

A project led by the REC to develop a new Framework for RE led to the publication of the new 'non-statutory' National Curriculum Framework for RE (NCFRE), with a foreword by the then-Secretary of State for Education, The Rt Hon Michael Gove. Many teachers from NATRE supported this process as a way of ensuring that the teacher’s voice was clearly heard. The Framework is now beginning to be used by SACREs and other syllabus makers to develop local RE agreed syllabuses and other schemes of work. Some early users have included academy chains and Nottinghamshire, Kirklees, Calderdale and Sheffield SACREs.

View the 'non-statutory' National Curriculum Framework for RE

Hockerill / NATRE Prize for Innovation in RE Teaching

NATRE is pleased to be working with the Hockerill Educational Foundation on the Prize for Innovation in RE Teaching, which recognises the work and dedication of those that teach RE.

Culham St Gabriel’s Pupil Conferences

Thanks to funding from Culham St Gabriel's Trust and support from RE Today Services, 20 pupil-teacher conferences have taken place, some at football grounds, including Aston Villa, Arsenal, Wembley and West Ham. Further conferences are planned or proposed. The aim of each conference is to give children and young people a say about religions and belief, as well as promoting respect for all.

Check out photos from Respect for All Day at Aston Villa FC, May 2014.

Check out photos from Respect for All Day at Arsenal FC, April 2013.

Jerusalem Trust, Unlocking RE in Academies Conferences

NATRE is pleased to be working with The Jerusalem Trust to deliver day conferences designed to support the professional development needs of all who teach RE in primary and secondary academies. Further support for teachers in new school types is being offered through this project.

Training for ITT RE PGCE students

NATRE is working with with the The Jerusalem Trust on this project, formerly funded by Hockerill Educational Foundation, to organise four RE PGCE conferences each year, bringing together over half of the new entrants to secondary RE teaching from about 20 of the universities and providers of RE training. The conferences provide dynamic experience of RE to new teachers, showing them what support and professional guidance NATRE can offer. The Jerusalem Trust Unlocking RE in Academies funding is about supporting RE in new school types, and includes working with Specialist Leaders in Education, free schools, individual academies and academy chains, Teaching Schools and Teaching School Alliances.

Westhill Endowment Seminars

Through generous funding by Westhill Endowment, there have been 15 24-hour residential seminars, each for 25 participants, linking RE research and practice. These seminars are known for their blend of vision, inspiration and practical benefit. They are fantastic opportunities for teachers and researchers to deepen their engagement with RE by exploring recent research from within and beyond the classroom and to work together over a weekend exchanging ideas for classroom application.

Spirited Arts - ‘Art in Heaven’

Spirited Arts ‘Art in Heaven’ is an annual art competition for primary and secondary school pupils, hosted by NATRE and funded by Westhill Endowment. In 2014, the CoEd Foundation co-funded the competition. Details of the current Spirited Arts competition and previous winners are available in our Spirited Arts section.

Excellent RE - a Project to Support RE in Primary Schools

Using generous grant funding from Culham St Gabriel's Trust, this project provides sustained collaborative CPD opportunities for 40 primary schools over 3 years. It focusses on supporting RE as a lead subject in school improvement and SMSC development.

Listening to Children and Young People Talking

NATRE's online database of pupils' religious and spiritual thinking continues to be used widely. NATRE worked with RE Today during 2011/12 to develop the resource through the addition of two new questions, short film clips of individual pupil responses and comments made to the database.

Access the database.

16-19 for All - dare2engage

Dare2engage, a project sponsored by the Jerusalem Trust, is a network of teachers and practitioners in 16-19 education, the aim of which is to develop new and innovative resources for RE and spiritual development.

Curriculum Bursaries

From time to time, NATRE has funding available to enable curriculum bursaries to be awarded to teachers of RE. This website presents the outcomes of some of our recent awards, which we hope will inspire others to develop the role of RE in the curriculum, engage young people in learning about and from religion, and raise standards.

Click to access this resource.

Developing Good Assessment Practice

In the autumn of 2007, Advisers in Education in collaboration with NATRE, AREIAC and RE Today successfully tendered to the Training and Development Agency (TDA) to fund a small project aiming to build the capacity of local teachers’ network groups in secondary schools.

Click here for case studies.

Developing RE Through Music

Thanks to funding from St Peter’s Saltley Trust and to Lynn O’Grady for helping to make this possible, we now have a website-based database of music, which can be used in the teaching of RE. Music is something that most people enjoy and which can sometimes provoke or create a response to a very powerful spiritual experience. Music seem to have been written to cover almost every known human emotion and experience, and there are many song lyrics and melodies that can be powerful tools for teaching and learning. Explore some of the ways in which you can use music in the teaching of RE.

Visit the Developing RE Through Music site.

Exemplification of Standards at Key Stage 3

NATRE won the tender to lead the RE element of a QCA exemplification of standards project, which lasted for 18 months and involved 8 schools and 16 teachers. The project aimed to assist teachers in planning for the introduction of the changes to the new secondary curriculum through developing electronic ‘portfolios' of individual pupils' work, with annotations and commentaries, to exemplify robustly standards at levels 4 to 8.

Click to access the resource.

Guidance on RE Resources

In July 2010, NATRE launched an online resource to support schools in reviewing the range and quality of resources they use when teaching world religions. This project was led by Dr Bill Gent, Associate Editor of REtoday, and was generously funded by theDepartment for Education (DfE). It was in response to the outcomes of an extensive DfE/University of Warwick research project on the use of resources in the teaching of world religions in RE.

Click here to access this online resource.

Culham St Gabriel's / NATRE North of England Conference

In May 2013, a second North of England conference was held in Bolton, the title being 'Inspiring RE'. Almost 150 teachers from the north of England assembled to learn from one another, join in seminars led by practising teachers and advisers, and listen to keynote speakers such as Alan Brine HMI. Look out for details of future conferences.