Curriculum Symposium

As the subject association for teachers of RE, NATRE strives to support teachers to consider curriculum design issues. The curriculum symposium was a face to face-to-face event to develop curriculum planning and thinking skills, enabling teachers to be more confident in their understanding and development of high quality curricula and to enhance the understanding of processes involved in constructing high quality curricula. The symposium contributed to the start of a process for teachers considering curriculum design in terms of an education in religion and worldviews.

This page, open to all to use, provides access to recordings of symposium presentations and ppts as well as a ‘How to guide’ to allow others in NATRE affiliated local groups, MATs, other local groups, RE departments and others to recreate your own curriculum symposium over a series a sessions across a term or a year or over a day spent together.

Thank you to all our speakers, delegates and evaluators but particular thanks to Culham St Gabriel's and Westhill for funding the symposium.

Do let us know how you use these materials. We will be interested in articles and blogs on your reflections on using these materials to support your curriculum design.

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