GLP Partner Schools Testimonials

"Frodsham Manor House Primary School has become one of many Global Learning Expert Centres which are spread all over the UK. Naomi Anstice (a member of NATRE Exec and Culham St Gabriel’s Regional Consultant) is the local project lead and Assistant Headteacher.

The school is supporting 15 other local schools from all sectors to develop global learning.

The Global Learning Centres network a group of schools together who can then continue to support each other after the 18 months project completed. During that time schools will have access to free CPD which look at different aspects of Global Learning.

Manor House; as an REQM Gold School, are applying their strengths with RE and will be hosting sessions on promoting Global Learning through RE. Recently, the school have completed a 30 challenge activity to promote SMSC beyond school where children completed a passport of challenges which showed how small steps can make a difference. These steps included finding out about Fairtrade, helping with recycling, and finding out about children around the world etc. This then creates further links with RE as we find out about people who made a difference due to their beliefs.

Another example of a Year 1 class learning about the life of Jesus is the class making their own journey around the school to places which Jesus would have visited: Galilee, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem. On reaching each location they found a postcard which told then about a story from Jesus’ life and they looked at photographs of that location today. Back in class they used globes to located Israel.

The school is also been awarded the International Award 3 times and has strong partnership links with schools in Ghana, India and Sri Lanka.

There is an annual joint RE project between the schools which has included finding out about Freedom and Slavery, Festivals, Life Events, places of worship and whether having a religious belief makes you happy.

In June the school are looking forward to welcome ten children from Ghana aged 9-11 for which part of the visit will include an RE focus including visits to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and The Old Hebrew Synagogue as part of a project on worship around the world.

Do look up your local expert centre, committing to the program also provides £500 of ecredits which can access a range of global learning courses."

Frodsham Manor House Primary School

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