Different ways of forming a Local Group

What kind of groups could you form?

You could form a primary, secondary, special schools or cross phase group.

How can you form a group?

There are at least three ways to form a Local Group:

  1. You could have a primary and secondary chair at all times leading the group – the chair can change every year, so that the whole group get an opportunity to lead and host – this works well with cross phase groups as they could have a primary and secondary chair where the primary chair organises the primary focused meetings and secondary chair organises the secondary focused meetings.

  2. You could have a local group leader who organises the Local Group meetings and leads the meetings – when the group leader steps down, they can either nominate the next group leader or someone could voluntarily take over the position.

  3. You could be a collaborative group with no group leader as such but each meeting, a different member of the group hosts the meeting, with the agenda for the next meeting discussed at the previous meeting.

What do you need for a meeting?

There is not a lot you need for a meeting, here is a list to help you out:

  • A room big enough to accommodate your local group
  • Optional Refreshments; tea, coffee, biscuits and water
  • An agenda for the meeting

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