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Claire Clinton, Newham RE Advisor led the meeting along with Dr’s Angela Wright and Angela Goodman from Kings College London and the Institute of Education, the meeting was hosted at St Bonaventure’s RC Secondary School.

The group began with two activities, the ‘Respect-o-meter’ and ‘Snowflake’ activity. Claire gave each table a few school based scenario’s and in small groups teachers had to decide what level of respect was being shown or not shown in the situations and place on the Respect-o-meter’. The snowflake activity asks pupils to work in a pair and look at what they believe about 8 different statements on a topic. Once all eight statements have been noted, pupils/teachers join up their marks and it makes a snowflake type of pattern. They can then compare what they are similar and different about with a partner. This builds discussion skills with justification and explanation skills.

Claire then went on to highlight national updates on RE, useful resources, competitions, online support and local updates with the group.

Dr Angela Wright and Angela Goodman then delivered a presentation on assessment, helping teachers to think about:

  • What assessment could look like within a Critical Realism framework
  • The Commission on RE Final Report – the implications for assessment
  • Knowledge vs Skills: what are we assessing?
  • The need for pedagogical coherence
  • Critical Realism: the three key tenets and practice
  • Assessment using Critical Realism: a virtues-based framework
  • Exemplification: Year 7 and Year 8 Schemes of Work
  • Reflections

“Critical realism provides another angle for us to look at the subject of RE with. It was a fascinating insight and left us with further questions about the method, approach and multidisciplinary approach to RE. I appreciated the input and hearing about different ways to deal with topics.” Mr Lewis, St Bonaventure’s RC Secondary School.

Next meeting: 18 June 2019

Focus: Dawn Cox – Essex RE teacher – will be speaking about making use of technology in RE and interleaving schemes of work

Ideas for your local group meeting:

  • Invite specialists to discuss assessment/ or specific topics they specialise in that give secondary colleagues a reason for attending
  • Discuss national updates and CPD opportunities with your local group.
  • Share useful tried and tested activities that teachers can take away with them to use back in their schools

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