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Are you able to help?

Rachael Jackson Royal is on the NATRE Exec and runs the Birmingham Secondary RE Group. This is some work that Rachael is involved with and would like some secondary based volunteers.

I am working with TRSUK (Theology, Religious Studies UK) to help them produce the videos and other literature which will be focusing on promoting the subject as an option choice for A level and degree level. These will be free and can be used by schools and universities.

An area I need your help with is to find people who would appear in these videos and/or literature. I was wondering, therefore, if you have any contacts from former pupils who went onto to study Theology and/or Religious Studies either exclusively or where it was combined with other subjects (i.e. it can't be exclusively philosophy or another subject area where they may have done one module on religion as we want people who have this as part of their degree title) who would be prepared to share why they think the subject has been helpful in their future career? Helpful could be understood in many ways such as: it has directly enabled them to gain the career that they have; the skills and/or subject knowledge was incredibly beneficial etc. Thus, it is connected to how the subject was a door opener into their current career and was/is valuable for employees as this is one of the fears we are trying to help overcome with parents and students.

Ideally we would like a variety of careers (including aspirational ones) from a variety of people (i.e. a range of backgrounds, colour, sex etc). This information will not be focusing on a particular university but how the subject has been useful which is why they can be used by any school or university.

If you do know of someone who might be interested, I am more than happy for you to pass on my contact details to them. This is my email address: rachael@natre.org.uk

Please could you explain to them what will be involved and also that this is being led by TRSUK and a company they are using who has produced videos for Durham University previously.

Please do ask if you have any further questions.

Rachael Jackson Royal rachael@natre.org.uk