Local Group News Board

Ryan Parker, RE Adviser alongside Sarah Payne, NATRE Regional ambassador for the South Central region headed up the Central Beds (East) RE Local group. Meeting on 25th June, they were keen to talk spirited arts and poetry – our two fantastic competitions that get pupils and teachers alike thinking of new methods to teach great RE.

“Spirited Arts” is now in its 16th year and has attracted over 320,000 participants. Averaging to 20,000 per year, primary, secondary and SEND schools all take part and submit artwork using fascinating mediums.

“Spirited Poetry” is a more exclusive competition, with a humble four years of judging. Schools were invited to send in up to ten poems in one of the categories or in a variety of them. Entrance was open to children and young people aged 5–19, and the competition closes on 31 July 2019.

Ryan commented “the most useful aspect of the local group was having the opportunity for so many teachers of RE to gather together, to network and to share ideas.”.

“I am thrilled that we have now been able to establish a RE local group to support colleagues in this area. This group is available to all who would like to network, share good practice and feel supported as part of a subject community”.

Next meeting date: 12th November 2019

Focus: Curriculum and assessment

Ideas for your next Local Group meeting

  • Involve the entire school in competitions to encourage RE across the whole school.
  • Carry out an internal judging at your local group then send the best entries through to NATRE.
  • Bring along pieces of Spirited Poetry to your local group and assess the literacy skills.