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Walsall Primary RE network were struggling to all find a seat when 19 of them met to work with RE Today Adviser and NATRE exec officer, Fiona Moss. Knowledge and understanding of was the main focus of the meeting, Fiona used the Inspiring RE – Sikhs, primary curriculum book which all Primary NATRE members received in January as a focus for some teaching and learning ideas and the group discussed key subject knowledge for pupils to gain by the age of 11. There was a focus on Sikh stories, what happens in a Gurdwara and becoming an Amritdhari Sikh. The subject knowledge and teaching and learning ideas were shared and lots of the group are going to share knowledge and ideas in formal training and more informally back in school.

As group ideas were shared about other resources, such as the free RE definitions app and the RE Quality Mark (REQM), the Walsall Agreed Syllabus and other NATRE resources that members found to be useful.

The benefit of any local group is of course to be share information ‘on the ground’ and the group shared their experience of and contact details for visits to different places of worship in the local area. They also spoke about difficulties they face visiting places of worship; this information will be shared with the local SACRE.

A feature of the meeting was the sharing what is going well and things they are struggling with in RE in their school. The conversation was wide ranging and included the joy of seeing the progression from early years to year 6, pupils excited and loving learning in RE and the challenge of fitting re into the curriculum. The meeting lasted 2 hours!

Next meeting: 21st May 2019

Ideas for your local group meeting:

  • Talk about free resources available within the RE community
  • Share contacts amongst the group in the local area for visits to different places of worship and arranging classroom visitors
  • Improving subject knowledge in teaching a particular aspect of RE

Inspiring RE - Sikhs