Local Group News Board

Fiona Moss, National RE Adviser for RE Today led an inspirational session on the new Ofsted framework and its implications for RE, whilst offering some valuable advice and techniques to implement within schools.

Attended by around ten delegates, all whom adhere to the Walsall curriculum, the session covered the recently released Ofsted framework. A topical subject creating a stir in schools nationwide, the current Walsall RE curriculum is supplied and supported by RE Today consultancy services. The local group provided a great opportunity to truly investigate the nature of the framework and its implications. Discussing future impact and considerations, teachers left feeling refreshed and with a clear direction. Each teacher also verbalised a take-home action that they were going to implement in their schools: a commitment somewhat to providing better RE for their pupils.

The Education Development Centre in Walsall, sharing the lush green grounds of Rushall Primary School, provided an ideal meeting space for local teachers ranging from Reception to KS2 with varying levels of experience and SMT support. Fiona discussed relevant examples for each individual teacher and the group provided the opportunity for teachers to openly discuss their concerns whilst coming together to offer practical and moral support. It is evident how local groups create a sense of community and comradery in RE practitioners.

Fiona shared how the framework features an explicit commitment to the teaching of RE in schools. Teachers were provided with the following practical, strategic and tactical methods:

  • Theory behind areas of assessment
  • Methodology to implement better RE
  • Ways to prepare for future inspections, ahead of time
  • Changes to future Ofsted inspection techniques

Fiona had recently been involved in an in-depth analysis of the Ofsted framework and its implications to RE, available here.

Next meeting date: 13th November 2019 – 1-3pm Room 6

Focus: Revising the Ofsted framework and implementation in schools (TBC).

Ideas for your Local Group meeting:

  • Review your existing RE curriculum plan to identify coherent themes
  • Ask your pupils what they think RE stands for and means to them
  • Place these quotes in speech bubbles around the school
  • Why is RE important in your school? – have an elevator pitch prepared to share with governors and senior management