Local Group News Board

Gillian Georgiou, Diocesan RE Adviser hosted a NATRE local group in Greater Lincolnshire to discuss the implications of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework for subject leaders in primary and secondary schools. They worked with teachers who attended the group and put together some key questions that subject leaders might want to address as they reflect on the way in which RE contributes to the broad and balanced curriculum.

They have particularly been thinking about the implications for teachers in small primary schools who often have multiple subject leadership roles, considering ways in which networking can help distribute the workload for RE subject leaders.

In their next meeting in spring term, they will look at some practical examples of working collaboratively as subject leaders.

Next meeting: 12 February 2020

Ideas for your local group meeting:

  • Take some practical examples of working collaboratively
  • Discuss the new Ofsted inspection framework

You can find the NATRE resource ‘Understanding the new Ofsted framework in the RE classroom’ here.