Local Group News Board

School Improvement Executive Catherine Atkinson hosted the Worcestershire Primary local group where ideas, resources and inspiration were shared.

Beginning with the NATRE response to Ofsted, the group of primary RE leads and teachers were able to forecast to the future of Ofsted RE inspections. Having the support of being a NATRE affiliated local group ensures topics such as Ofsted and official documents are circulated to group leaders, keeping everyone in the loop.

Becky Davidge from the University of Worcester joined the group to share various opportunities for CPD and resources. This included opportunities for studying a Masters in Education, Interfaith forums and SACREs, and collaborative RE events. NATRE regional ambassadors also host events, and Chris Giles in collaboration with other executives is hosting the Primary RE conference in November.

Next, using exciting methodologies including prayer with chocolate, Lego prayers and persona dolls – the team shared classroom activities for takeaway ideas. Hagley school have built a bank of high quality RE resources and artefacts and are willing to share resources with other members of the group.

Finally, the group discussed RE days. Jo from Great Witley talked to the group about their recent RE day which involved the whole school and representatives from other schools. The children moved round different classroom/stations during the day and took part in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The day fitted with Thy Kingdom come. The day included faith based and community schools and the children really enjoyed meeting children from other schools.

Other ideas included holding curriculum weeks when certain subjects are focussed on, using Interfaith week as a RE week, Wow and Wonder day, Whole day of RE to immerse the children in a new unit and get in depth work/responses.

Many schools use RE days to encourage the entire school to think better about RE. Whilst RE days are not acceptable substitutes for overall RE delivery, they can create a fantastic focus on specific outcomes or objectives that teachers want to achieve. It was generally agreed that most schools say at the end of each unit whether children are meeting or exceeding expectations.

Next meeting date: TBC

Focus: Exploring tricky questions in RE

Ideas for your next Local Group meeting

  • Take along excess artefacts or resources to share with other teachers
  • Plan a model RE day that all teachers in the group will aim to do on the same day, or visit each other’s schools
  • Highlight any worthwhile CPD teachers may benefit from