Local Group News Board

Tanya Harris hosted the Diocese of Gloucester RE Hub on 10th June 2019. Working in collaboration with RE Today adviser Stephen Pett – the Diocese provides a fantastic open forum working group for delivering higher quality RE.

Tanya Harris recommended that local schools visit to the newly refurbished St Mary de Crypt Church, Gloucester, to support RE teaching. The church offers guided tours for groups of 10+ and last approximately 45 minutes. Tours includes the church and schoolroom. Additional tours to the bell tower and crypt are also available. The benefit of local groups is being able to share local, cost effective resources and information to local schools to benefit from. Many cities and towns across the UK have vibrant religious foundations that can be weaved into curriculum teaching.

Stephen Pett delivered an engaging activity taken from the new slimline edition of Understanding Christianity. Slimline UC is split into two sections a. Core learning and b. Deeper Understanding, in order to assist the spiral curriculum. The Understanding Christianity resource (produced by RE today) is used in over 4,500 schools and ensures that both schematic and thematic modules are revisited to give pupils an increasing depth of understanding. The activity in the local group allowed schools in the area to better understand the model itself and to feel more confident in delivering the outcomes.

Considering budget cuts, the Gloucester RE Hub shared additional resources and information about partner organisations, including:

  • The Cullham St Gabriel’s Trust- who distribute bursaries for RE material.
  • Gideons International – Gideons provide bible presentations, and handout free copies of God’s Word.

Next meeting date: 11th November 2019 4:00-5:00pm at St James C of E Primary

Focus: Assessment, what does “greater depth” look like and exploring tricky units.

Ideas for your next Local Group meeting

  • If all schools in the group are using the same syllabus, can you deconstruct some of the tricky bits?
  • Showcase local places of worship and religious centres from the local area
  • Use the session as a teacher training CPD format in an informal way.