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Led by our NATRE Local Groups officer Juliet Lyal and hosted by Joanne Wilson at her primary school, the St. Albans local group enjoyed a great meeting in January. Following about 15 mins looking at the NATRE website discussing benefits of NATRE membership, they started off with a visitor from Life Expo – Ian Le Riviere – to explain about the forthcoming exhibition in St Albans in March.

The Life Exhibition is a multi-media experience designed for primary school children across the UK which complements and works alongside existing RE teaching. Using interactive tablets, QR codes, graphics, quizzes, films, songs and a discussion café, Life helps children learn – in just over one hour – about the story of Jesus and of his relevance for Christians today. The exhibition is FREE to schools, including transport, thanks to the sponsorship of local churches and councils. It is aimed at Upper KS2 children, although sessions can be shortened to include children in YR3. For further information, do visit the Life Expo website.

The next topic on the agenda was assessment in RE and sharing the new publication from RE Today ‘Assessment in RE – A practical guide’. The group really loved seeing a copy of the new book and the assessment strategies it covered. In this particular meeting they focused on the ‘Assessment in Understanding Christianity chapter. The teachers found the book so encouraging and the group agreed that they’d find future meetings on other chapters really useful. To compliment the discussion Juliet handed out the 10 top tips for assessment that can be found on the NATRE website.

They then went around the group and discussed the positive topics and the challenges they are currently facing in their schools regarding RE and discussed solutions to, for example, maintaining RE on the timetable, tracking progress, engaging SLT. Juliet also gave the group updates on the primary 1000 project – just before the heavy snow falling closed the meeting half an hour early!

Next meeting: 13th March 2019

Ideas for your local group meeting:

  • Discuss a beneficial resource that can help the whole group
  • Invite a visitor to speak
  • Discuss the positive and negative challenges RE teachers are facing
  • Give the group a useful handout

St. Albans RE Teachers Together