Local Group News Board

Chris Giles, Regional Ambassador for the West Midlands and group leader of the Worcestershire Secondary NATRE group, is one of many group leaders who has successfully held virtual local group meetings. While we all miss our face to face meetings, Chris also agrees that virtual meetings could help cover problems such as childcare and having to travel. Will virtual meetings become part of our ‘new normal’? Read all about Chris’ last meeting.

“25 attendees took part in the local NATRE meeting hosted by Rebecca Davidge senior lecturer and PGCE tutor for RE from the University of Worcester. The focus of the meeting was to introduce the Worcestershire new agreed syllabus, recommend books we have been reading in lockdown and review an article on mental health and the recovery curriculum. We were fortunate to be supported by Stephen Pett from RE Today who helped answer the question on the syllabus, RE PGCE trainees from the University and welcome Daniel Parnell, Director of Education and Community Involvement from Worcester Cathedral to hear about the new learning centre that will hopefully be open from September. We also received the good news about the growing number of trainees in RE at Worcester that is reflected in the national trend, we even had a live offer of a school being willing to host a trainee! Whilst we love meeting in different schools to see other RE departments, we agreed that due to child care and travel that this format might help us in the future for some local group meetings and improve attendance.”

virtual meeting