Local Group News Board

Wakefield welcomed a new primary RE group, led by Headteacher Donna Adams. Passionate and excited about RE, Donna started a local group to connect the other academies in her trust with better RE. What started off as a humble venture, Donna was able to secure six headteachers and many RE leaders to attend her first ever local group meeting during the school day- a fantastic result!

The group discussed the vision of better RE as a group, and Donna shared some of her learnings from her exceptional RE that she was doing behind the scenes. By showcasing the beginning, the journey and the goal for RE in the trust, Donna said "some of the academies who attended were not Church schools but really related to the vision of RE and setting RE goals".

Including alternative teaching methods such as mindfulness and mental health and wellbeing - the group is becoming a key date in the diary of attendees to grow overall best practice in education provision.

New to NATRE, Donna was guided by the Local Groups Officer to publish her meeting on the NATRE website and was pleasantly surprised at the response from teachers outside of her typical distribution networks.

Donna commented “She [the NATRE Local Groups Officer, Juliet Lyal] has been very positive. It’s great having someone to refer to if I wanted to ask something. Juliet can reach out to other people who I don’t know, to get them involved and extend the reach.”

Self-identifying teachers from the area looking to connect have since been connected to the Wakefield group, increasing the reach and impact furthermore. The next meeting is steered towards RE leaders and practitioners to discuss how to implement best practice across the region.

Next meeting date: 19th November 2019

Focus: SIAMS, mindfulness and having a tour around reflective prayer spaces at St Botolph’s.

Ideas for your next Local Group meeting:

  • Think about how you can expand your invitation further. Send an email to your Local Groups Officer with your focus and people you would like to extend the invitation to especially.
  • Circulate the NATRE Local groups newsletter to your members to keep them engaged in between meetings.
  • Use practical resources in your school during group meeting time, (much like how Donna is planning on conducting a tour around the academy to showcase the reflective prayer spaces).

donna opening slide of her powerpoint presentation