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Sophie Smith, Head of RE & PSHE at The George Eliot School hosted the NATRE local group meeting, which included a presentation from Chris Giles, West Midlands Regional Ambassador and Head of RS – South Bromsgrove High School on Islam.

The meeting started with a discussion on the different resources available based around Islam including resources from Lat Blaylock, RE Adviser, RE Today and information on textbooks and revision guides.

Chris Giles then continued the meeting by giving a presentation on teaching Islam. Chris gave the group some top tips on how you could approach Islam in the classroom. A general consensus was that teaching through stories could help students remember those key concepts and ideas.

The topics he covered during his presentation included:

- Trips and visitors

- Building knowledge

- Learning beyond the syllabus

- Role Models

- Helpful books and websites

The group then went on to discuss resources and share ideas and best practices. One thing they all thought was important was using scriptures to link to GCSE. The group felt like the meeting is great way to meet new people and share ideas, knowing you are not on your own in teaching RE.

Next meeting: Date to be decided

Ideas for your local group meeting:

  • Invite someone with subject knowledge on a topic your group are interested in covering
  • Discuss a useful resource linked to your meeting focus
  • Network with other teachers attending the meeting

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