Local Group News Board

Kevin Baldwin, life exhibition coordinator hosted a local group in West Norfolk to discuss a number of topics, the main focus of the meeting was the new local agreed syllabus. There was a lot of discussion on how to implement the syllabus in local schools. Attending a local group where there are a host of teachers all doing the same syllabus is a great way to understand what is happening in the RE sector within your area and to share best practice.

During the meeting they also discussed NATRE. The NATRE resource area which has over 1000 resources was shown to the group, and the usefulness of the resources available to them were highlighted. The group discovered that there is a wealth of ideas available to them to help grow subject knowledge of multiple religions, as well as each resource being adaptable to the teaching scheme that is followed in the area.

Most of the teachers that attended said meeting teachers from other schools was the highlight of the meeting and that local groups was a great support for them.

Next meeting: 03 March 2020

Focus: In their next meeting they would really like more subject leaders to attend and they’re looking to invite a speaker.

Ideas for your local group meeting:

  • Discuss NATRE resources on NATRE website
  • Work together and talk about the agreed syllabus of your area
  • Network with other teachers attending the meeting