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Led by the wonderful Gemma Coley, Head of RS Christopher Whitehead School, welcomed by Rebecca Davidge to Worcester University and supported by Chris Giles, Regional Ambassador for the West Midlands. Worcestershire RE hub had an exciting meeting in January with the Mayor of Worcestershire, Jabba Riaz, who attended the meeting to discuss the CoRE Report and RE in the community.

Although the group felt the CoRE report gained momentum when it first came out – the continuing momentum of the importance of the CoRE report has washed away with all the other news but they highlighted that the most important message to convey was to keep the message going with colleagues, schools and other RE circles. Everyone agreed the CoRE report is making RE more inclusive.

Another issue that was discussed with Jabber Riaz, was that more and more teachers in Worcestershire are having to fight for their jobs and this is detrimental because without RE, religious and world views are not being shared with children especially because the majority of students in Worcestershire schools are brought up with a non-religious background. This then posed the question: are there other subjects that discuss the same issues as RE?

Jabba Riaz was really interested and offered to help in any way he could to make the school community realise the importance and legal requirement of RE in schools.

On another note Chris Giles talked about the funding he has received to host a summer conference in Worcestershire. The sixth form summer conference will be held on Friday 14 June 2019 at Worcester University for 6th form students and teachers. There are two keynote speakers Professor Darren Oldridge (Worcester University) and David Webster (London University). The primary aim of this conference is for teachers to share ideas and to get involved. To find out more please email Chris.

Next meeting: TBC

Local Group Meeting Ideas:

  • Call your local MP’s to your meeting
  • Call your local mayor to your meeting
  • Brainstorm ideas to grow RE in your community

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