Saima Saleh

NATRE Local Groups Officer

Saima Saleh is a full-time teacher, working in the primary sector and currently working as RE lead and RE SLE, at Ravenscote Junior School in Surrey, where she has been teaching since 2001. Saima started her teaching journey in Scotland, where she trained, from 1994, teaching in North Lanarkshire for 6 years before moving to Surrey.

Saima joined the NATRE Executive in 2018 when she wanted to help raise the profile of RE across the country. In March 2020, Saima was appointed as the NATRE Local Group Officer.

Saima saw the need to provide a networking opportunity for RE teachers in her local area and decided to set up Frimley RE Leaders Network Group, a cross-phase, NATRE- affiliated group for teachers, where they can work closely together towards a common goal of providing excellent RE for their pupils.

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“I saw a need for teachers to network in a way that they could support and empower each other as professionals, all wanting to raise the profile of RE in their own schools. Therefore, with the help of Juliet Lyal, the previous Local Groups Officer, I realised that this simple process was not as scary as I thought it would be, and if I could do it, then anyone could! My aim is to grow and build on all the hard work put in by my predecessor. Starting with 280 local groups, I shall strive to create networks of teachers around the country and indeed the world. By doing what I love, my aim is to inspire others and re-awaken their dreams too.”

Saima Saleh