Being on your local SACRE


Advice to NATRE members who serve on SACREs

Being part of the team

So, you’ve been elected to serve on your local SACRE. Or maybe you’re already part of your local SACRE. What matters most about your membership of SACRE is that you are a teacher of RE and have a vital role to play in helping your SACRE to be effective.

Here you will find information to help you help your SACRE. There is information to help you prepare for meetings, to know who is who and what is what.

Before your first meeting

  • Find out who's who - especially the Chair, the Clerk and Officer
  • Ask the Clerk for the username and password for the National Association of SACRE's website (NASACRE)
  • Read this document from NASACRE that introduces the main duties and functions of SACRE – Your local SACRE
  • Ask the Clerk for the SACRE development plan, the minutes of the last meeting and the agenda for the next meeting
  • Be clear about where and when your first meeting is
  • Find a copy of the Locally Agreed Syllabus (LAS) - it may only be available online and you may need a password

Preparing for a SACRE meeting

  • Teachers on SACRE will find it helpful to check the NASACRE and NATRE websites for current RE news
  • Look at your local SACRE website to familiarise yourself with the members and its current actions
  • It is great to bring information and ideas from the Local Group you are a part of: many members of SACREs do not see the inside of a classroom

At the meetings

  • Raise any issues from the classroom that may be obstructing teachers from delivering good quality RE in your locality
  • Be willing to share your own experience from 'front-line' RE
  • Get to know your fellow SACRE members, there may be useful links for you and the teachers in your local area
  • Take note of any area you can make contributions, remember, you are the one in the classroom and are in the perfect position to trial ideas

Between meetings

  • Keeping checking the NASACRE and SACRE websites and email relevant information to the Chair of SACRE
  • Request for important issues to be added to the agenda of the next meeting
  • Report any information that is useful to teachers in your local area
  • Continue reporting any issues from the classroom to SACRE
  • Share the document 30+ things a SACRE can do with the members of SACRE. Inspire and lead them to act upon some of these ideas.

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