Exploring RE films

Four short films from NATRE explaining the nature, purpose and value of Religious Education in the school curriculum - for use in your school and community.

RE in the curriculum

Support materials

In this film, teachers, SACRE members and parents talk about the place and contribution of RE to whole-school priorities.

There are four sections:

  • The statutory position of RE in the curriculum
  • The nature of RE
  • The contribution of RE
  • RE and cross-curriculum planning

Suggestions for using the film

Discussion Activity: What is RE for?

Discussion Activity: A checklist of questions

Opting for Religious Studies

Support materials

This film reveals the inside story about taking Religious Studies at examination level and the benefits it can bring – from the mouths of current and former students.

Using the format of a web-based options programme, four key questions are explored as part of the decision-making journey:

  • What will I be doing?
  • What skills will I gain from RS?
  • Is it only for religious people?
  • What could I do with RS?

Suggestions for using the film.

Useful links

What Theology & RS Students do after they graduate.

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