Good Learning in RE films

These seven short films, showing great classroom ideas in action, were made due to generous sponsorship by Culham St Gabriel’s Trust and the Diocese of Saint Albans.

Slave Set Free

Religious stories carry spiritual meaning. In this good RE lesson, 5 and 6 year olds get actively involved in retelling an Islamic story and engage in meaningful activities to help them learn from it.

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Sharing Shabbat

This lesson explores the significance of Shabbat for Jewish people. Children aged 6 and 7 are engaged by a learning challenge that combines literacy, design technology and RE.

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A Soldier's Dilemma

This 'reflection alley' activity uses a strategy from literacy. What would you have done if you were the soldier ordered to crucify Jesus? This core RE content goes beyond storytelling and gives pupils the opportunity to become dramatic interpreters and ethical learners.

Notes for Teachers

A Pastor's Week

In this lesson, children aged 9 and 10 learn from religious artefacts, combining thinking skills and problem-solving and applying their understanding of Christian community. Pupils decide what advice to give the school's local vicar about which artefacts he should give to the people he meets.

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Enquiring into Worship

This lesson helps children aged 8 and 9 to understand what the Christian community does and believes in the light of Bible teaching. The lesson shows how to engage children in their learning and stimulate their own enquiry questions, which they can then investigate.

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Art Of Allah

In this activity, 12- and 13-year-old students are shown British Muslim works of art in order to explore concepts of God. The teaching provokes enquiring minds to come up with answers for themselves when interpreting modern Islamic art and quotations from the Quran.

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Responsible For Abortion

In GCSE RE, students encounter ethical arguments and religious dilemmas. This case study of a Christian girl's decision about whether to terminate her pregnancy encourages students to consider different points of view using strategies such as responsibility pies.

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