Guidance on Resources for Teaching Religious Education


The purpose of the guidance

The quality and health of RE in schools is influenced by many factors, including the quality of the resources that are used. Never before, particularly with the advent of digital resources and the internet, has the range of available resources been so wide.

This online guidance seeks to support schools in reviewing the range and quality of resources that they are using. There is obvious potential not only for use by groups in continuing professional development (CPD) but also for the material to be supplemented at a later stage.

Background document explaining the link between this NATRE guidance on resources and the DCSF / University of Warwick research report (January 2010) on the use of resources in teaching world religions.

How the guidance is set out

The eight guidance sections focus on general issues as well as the different types of resources used in RE.

Resourcing RE in your school
School-produced material
Digital resources
Artefacts and visual images
Visits and visitors
Research in RE

Each section contains three types of material, which can be read online or downloaded:

    • a short guidance document that, under a number of key questions, outlines issues that schools might consider
    • a PDF document that summarises the findings of the DCSF report Materials used to Teach about World Religions in Schools in England (January 2010) relevant to the section;
    • a further PDF document or documents containing material (such as checklists, activities and further information) to support teachers in addressing the key questions raised in the guidance.

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