FREE webinars from ARIEAC


ARIEAC will be hosting two FREE webinars on 07 July:

Prophecy after the Prophet: the Ahmadiyya community and their view of prophecy and messengerhood.

11.00 a.m. – 11.45 a.m. Webinar: with Justine Ball

This session will provide an introduction to the Ahmadiyya community – beginning with their founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the nineteenth century, the development of his role as a leader and in particular the Ahmadi view of him as a prophet. It will explore how Ahmadi ideas on prophecy and messengerhood developed, the growth of the community worldwide and the reaction to their ideas in the wider Muslim community.

Research aware, research informed, research active

12.00 – 12.45 a.m. Webinar: with Kathryn Wright

In this session Kathryn will share briefly the outcomes of a series of Culham St Gabriel’s funded research projects which have formed an integral part of Trust strategy over the last few years. She will also give some headlines on other grant funded research-related projects which have begun recently. We will then discuss proposed changes to Culham St Gabriel’s research strategy to enable all RE professionals to become more research aware, research informed and research active. Input and comments from all participants will be widely welcomed.

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To register you place at either of the webinars (specify which one or both), please email so that we can send you the link.