Shropshire RE Agreed Syllabus launch: Making good progress in RE: belief, impact, connections


The new syllabus is essential for developing RE, supporting and resourcing schools to provide a coherent, sequenced RE curriculum, enabling pupils to recall their learning and make good progress.

This training conference gives you an opportunity to explore the syllabus, receive some practical classroom ideas for implementing it, and ask questions.

  • Date: Wednesday 13 October 2021
  • Time: 9.30AM – 3.30PM
  • RE Trainers: Stephen Pett & Fiona Moss

This conference will explore the new Shropshire Agreed Syllabus for RE. It will provide an opportunity to see the changes to the current syllabus and explore how it helps teachers in planning and delivering creative and effective RE, to inspire their pupils as well as meet the challenge of the new OFSTED Framework. Sessions will outline the wider context for RE and provide some inspiring and practical ideas for the classroom. There will be plenty of resources and ideas to take away and use in the classroom.

The conference is aimed at teachers of RE from primary and secondary schools, including subject leaders and head teachers. It will also be valuable for governors to find out about and explore best practice in RE.


9.30-11.00 Session 1: The intent of the new Agreed Syllabus: belief, impact, connections

A practical guide to the new syllabus: what’s the same, what’s different, what impact will it have on pupils, and how to teach it.

11.30-1.00 Session 2: Implementing the Agreed Syllabus

Examples of excellent teaching and learning to exemplify the syllabus approach.

We will start together, and then split halfway through into primary and secondary groups for the rest of the afternoon.

2.00-3.30 Session 3: Impact: teaching and learning, achievement and assessment

This session will explore more teaching and learning ideas, connecting them with methods of assessment, providing examples of ways to enable pupils to make good progress in RE.

Electronic copies of all resources used will be available to download afterwards.