Planning for core RE at KS4 (Webinar)


Date: 12 March 2021, 4pm–5pm
Location: Online
Trainer: Angela Hill
Cost: £30 (Discounts available to NATRE members, see below)

Many teachers are re-designing and updating their core KS4 offering for RE. This interactive session by RE Today adviser Angela Hill will provide useful expert advice to consider when planning.

This interactive webinar will explore key principles for planning, and give good examples for putting these principles into action. During this session you will consider the pros and cons of examined and non-examined RE. Flexible supplementary e-resources will also be provided to participants.

This training will be delivered by Angela Hill, who is a National RE Adviser, based in Cardiff who specialises in both primary and secondary RE. With over a decade’s experience in teaching, and her involvement in supporting the development of resources for the reformed GCSE specifications she brings with her extensive knowledge of external examinations in RS in England and Wales.

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