Understanding Christianity (Primary)


Supporting the Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton Agreed Syllabus

The 2018 Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton Agreed Syllabus for RE sets out the requirements for teaching and learning about religions and beliefs. One excellent new resource to support teaching about Christianity in the syllabus is Understanding Christianity: Text Impact Connections. The 2018 Syllabus incorporates the key questions and the teaching and learning approach set out in Understanding Christianity. The resource therefore supports schools in delivering the agreed syllabus.

Session 1:

  • Wednesday 3rd April 2019
  • 9.15-3.30
  • Module 1 (Introduction) & Module 2 (Teaching and learning model), Module 3 (The ‘big story’ of the Bible)

Session 2:

  • Thursday 4th July 2019
  • 1.00-4.00
  • Module 4 (Planning great teaching & learning)
  • Module 7 (Curriculum design)

Session 3:

  • Monday 16th September 2019
  • 9.15-3.30
  • Module 5 (Purpose and impact)
  • Module 6 (The ‘big story’: digging deeper)

Training events

  • Schools will need to attend all modules.
    Each session will include setting teachers a ‘gap task’, trialling an aspect of the resource in school.
  • Feedback and discussion on these ‘gap tasks’ will be included in each session, so that teachers can share ideas and learn from each others’ experiences.

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