A National Plan for Religious education is urgently needed!

A National Plan for Religious education is urgently needed as one in five schools report including no lessons of the subject on their timetables

What do we deduce from these appalling statistics from the school workforce census of secondary schools, and the complete failure of the DfE to do anything about them? If this were data for Mathematics, English or another EBacc subject, action would surely be swift. That being the case, we can only conclude that allowing pupils to leave school with non-existent or weak knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious worldviews, is consistent with this government’s vision for education.

As a recent Savanta survey commissioned by the Culham St Gabriel’s Trust shows, the public, disagree and support for our campaign for a National Plan for RE is gaining momentum, including from senior politicians, parents, employers and multi-academy trust leaders. READ MORE HERE

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