Appointment of a new Lead Director for Regional Hubs

The Religion and Worldviews Infrastructure Steering Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Claire Clinton as Lead Director for Regional Hubs. Claire is taking up her consultant role in May.

Claire Clinton comments:

"I am thrilled to be appointed the role of lead director of RE hubs and look forward to being a part of the infrastructure development across England and Wales for RE. With the new white paper on the governments plans for education there is no better time for the religion and worldviews community to work together to ensure high quality RE is taught in every school, and teachers have the opportunity to access high quality training and professional development in this foundational subject."

The Steering Group will be advertising in the next couple of weeks for Regional Hub Leads to take up part time roles in September 2022.

Information about the current infrastructure project and how it builds on previous work can be found here on the RE:Online website. This summary sets out the aims, and proposed outcomes of this project to improve communications, connections and accessibility to professional development, research and resources.

The Steering Group meets regularly to oversee the project and currently has the following members:

Celine Benoit TRS-UK, Chair of the Steering Group

Julia Diamond Conway AREIAC

Pat Hannam AULRE

Fiona Moss NATRE

Zoë Keens RE Today

Ed Pawson RE Council of England and Wales

Paul Smalley NASACRE

Kathryn Wright Culham St Gabriel’s Trust

We look forward to sharing more about the project in due course.

The Steering Group

Claire Clinton

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