BBC Bitesize Daily: Update

NATRE has received an update from the BBC via RE Today Adviser Lat Blaylock who has been commissioned to support them with the creation of RE lessons for Bitesize Daily.

The first Secondary RE lesson went out this morning (23 April 2020) and is now available on iPlayer, via the following links




The upcoming transmissions are currently scheduled as follows:

  • Primary RE – Thursday 30th April
  • Primary RE – Thursday 7th May
  • Secondary RE – Thursday 7th May
  • Secondary RE – Thursday 11th June
  • Primary RE – Wednesday 1st July
  • Secondary RE – Thursday 2nd July

These are of course subject to change. The BBC hope to keep us informed of any changes.

Many thanks to the BBC for their work in creating content to support pupils, parents and teachers in this challenging time. We appreciate the amount of work and short timescales involved.

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