Chartered College of Teaching has been launched!

The Chartered College is a new independent professional membership body for the teaching profession. Membership is voluntary and will bring together the depth and breadth of the teaching community, across all phases, roles and specialisms.

The Chartered College’s aims are simple:

  • Provide a collective voice
  • Build a learned profession
  • Connect teachers with quality research that is directly relevant to classroom practice
  • Facilitate open discussion in a respectful manner
  • Celebrate the excellent work of teachers
  • Raise the status and contribution of the profession among wider society

Founding Membership opens on 18 January for just £39 (that’s 75p a week).
If you are a NATRE member you get £10 off the cost of membership.

By joining from the outset, members will receive:

  • Access to over 2,000 journals, books, magazines and reports covering educational leadership, literacy, teaching methods, curriculum, technology and subject-specific topics
  • Entry to its inaugural conferences
  • Peer reviewed journals, sharing knowledge amongst your fellow teachers

Their new CEO, Dame Alison Peacock, is hosting events across the country in the coming weeks. It is a chance for you to share your priorities for the profession locally and for her to listen to you. She will share plans in motion for the launch of the Chartered College of Teaching for our region and nationally. Further details are shared below.

You can register for these events on

Click here for more information and to join as a member of the Chartered College of Teaching.

Chartered College of Teaching