Curriculum Support? It's already out there

Curriculum Support? It's already out there

There is a renewed focus on the importance of subject knowledge and curriculum development in schools, colleges and ITE as illustrated through the Government White Paper ‘Opportunity for All’, the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF), the Core Content Framework for Initial Teacher Training (ITT), and the Early Career Framework for Early Career Teachers (ECTs).

So where can busy teachers, subject leaders, managers and teacher trainers get support with developing curriculum and finding high-quality resources? Building on years of experience and the expertise of their members, Subject Associations already offer proven, high-quality support in this area.

“curriculum development is their raison d’être.”

Mary Myatt.

What are Subject Associations?

Subject Associations are membership organisations across all subjects and age phases in the UK. They have a long history of doing extraordinary work in education, supporting teacher recruitment, teacher training and curriculum development; support based on genuine, comprehensive, proven research. They are deep-routed and knowledge-filled organisations that are self-sufficient, sustainable and independent of Governments; often charities; and their mission is to further learn, teach and research in a specific subject or curriculum area in schools, colleges and Initial Teacher Education (ITE).

What do they offer?

Membership of Subject Associations already provides affordable, relevant, high-quality professional development through:

  • expert advice and information
  • low cost, high quality, easily accessible proven resources, built on a solid foundation of up-to-date knowledge, research and expertise in the subject that are adaptable to your context and the needs of your learners
  • access to high-quality, relevant research
  • access to a community dedicated to subject learning, teaching and research
  • courses and conferences that will develop your expertise and allow you to share your knowledge with others
  • up-to-date, research-informed subject knowledge and pedagogy
  • guidance on adapting to policy changes
  • support with welfare and work-life balance

Whether you are learning to become a teacher, an Early Career Teacher (ECT), an experienced teacher, a curriculum leader, a senior leader or an ITT professional, your Subject Association can help you.
“Teachers across all phases benefit from the high-quality professional learning provided by individual associations”
Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive Chartered College of Teaching

How do I find the correct Subject Associations for me?

Many Subject Associations are members of The Council for Subject Associations (CfSA) Subject Associations, which provides a helpful directory to help you quickly find and contact the correct subject associations. You can access and download the Directory here: Download

“Subject Associations are an invaluable source of curriculum materials, research findings and advice for teachers working across all phases and subject areas. We recommend that all teachers, from those still in the process of qualifying right up to experienced practitioners and leaders, consider joining their relevant association. The resources they provide are research-informed, relevant, independent and of the highest quality. By becoming a member of a subject association, teachers become part of a professional community with excellent networking opportunities. This directory provides you with everything you need to know”.

James Noble-Rogers, Executive Director Universities Council for the Education of Teachers

Subject Associations

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