How satisfied are RE teachers?

Exploring the big questions in life is the motivation for nine out of ten religious education teachers, according to a survey of secondary religious education teachers in England and Wales. The research was conducted as part of a campaign to attract graduates to train as RE teachers.

The study also found that 60 per cent of teachers draw inspiration from discussing issues that are in the news on a daily basis, and that they are contributing to a better society.

The research was conducted by a consortium led by the Religious Education Council of England & Wales for the Beyond the Ordinary campaign, which highlights the benefits of careers in RE teaching. NATRE and RE Today services are members of the consortium involved in the research, and are pleased to share the key findings.

Key findings also included:

  • 92 per cent of RE teachers surveyed are inspired by the opportunity to broaden students’ perspectives and understanding of the world
  • 80 per cent said that they are inspired by exploring religious and non-religious worldviews
  • 95 per cent say that the subject is more or equally relevant than ten years ago
  • Nine out of ten are surprised or delighted at least once a week by students’ reactions, and one in four every lesson

TRE infographic.

Campaign lead, Chief Executive of Culham St Gabriel’s Trust, said, “The responses from our survey showed how fulfilling, inspiring and stimulating teaching religious education can be. What other career lets you discuss some of the biggest questions in life with a room full of inquiring young minds?”

She added: “We live in a society where we increasingly interact with people with different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs on a daily basis. By teaching about the variety of religious and non-religious worldviews that exist around us, RE teachers are helping prepare young people for this future reality.”

Teacher training courses are open to graduates from a range of academic disciplines and from all sorts of diverse backgrounds.

Successful candidates can benefit from a bursary of up to £9,000 a year while they study.

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